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Month: May 2016

Russian Technology Announcements ?>

Russian Technology Announcements

Russia never fails to announce technology breakthroughs simultaneous with the rest of the world.  Sometimes, even, those announcements describe a breakthrough that predates others.  Look more closely and you may conclude that this is a propaganda technique developed during Soviet times. It’s called “socialist realism.” Ebola Vaccine In October 2014, at the height of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova announced the development of Triazoverin , which she described as 70-90% effective against Ebola.  She…

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Hyperloop One: Strong Bench, Deep Pockets ?>

Hyperloop One: Strong Bench, Deep Pockets

In this horse race, we don’t know if anyone will finish, but Hyperloop One is way ahead going into the first turn. When Elon Musk published his 57 page challenge to build a pod-in-a-tube, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) was first out of the gate.  It was a romantic concept, a technology commune.  From each according to his ability, to each some stock options.  But cash is more compelling. Hyperloop Transportation got started a year later, but with venture capital backing….

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Real Money for Transportation ?>

Real Money for Transportation

“A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.” Everett Dirksen R-IL (1896 – 1969) May was the month for capital budgets – capital, as in capital punishment.  New York area transportation agencies lined up to spend a bunch of money not of them has. MTA — $27 billion NY Governor Andrew Cuomo approved the five year plan for New York buses and subways. PANYNJ — $28 billion The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey…

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HTT sitrep May 2016 ?>

HTT sitrep May 2016

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the crowdsourced entrant to the commercial hyperloop development market, is the leader in generating buzz.  Its chief rival recently changed its name to Hyperloop One, Inc. from Hyperloop Technologies to minimize the maddening similarly in their names. HTT, as the company is often called, has been a prodigious producer of announcements and press releases.  We reviewed recent announcements to see how accurate the company’s predictions have turned out. Vibranium The Verge reported 24 May 2016 that HTT…

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Vibranium, huh? ?>

Vibranium, huh?

The Verge reported today 24 May 2016 that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will build its Hyperloop capsules from vibranium.  As a PR stunt, it is genius.  What 700 mph vehicle could fail if it’s made from the same material as Marvel Comics’ Captain America’s shield? A closer read will show that vibranium is a carbon-fiber composite developed in cooperation with C2i, a Slovak producer of composite auto parts.  Dick Alhborn, CEO of HTT went on to describe vibranium as eight times stronger…

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Across the Hudson – almost free alternative to Gateway ?>

Across the Hudson – almost free alternative to Gateway

Why tunnels are crucial to New York and New Jersey.  A follow-up to Gateway Not Far Thinking Enough.  There is an almost free alternative. Newark used to be a major city in its own right.  New Jersey used to be an industrial hub.  No more.  Both are part of the greater New York metroplex.  The Bridge and Tunnel Crowd, a New Yorker’s dismissive description of anyone who doesn’t live in Manhattan is dependent on the city and the city on…

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Most Important Election of Your Lifetime ?>

Most Important Election of Your Lifetime

“This may be the most important election of your lifetime.  You need to exercise your right to vote.”    Every four years we hear it.  Based on its repetition, it’s probably not true.  If every election is the most important, none is any different. The 2106 election could well be the most important election of our lifetime, not because your vote will make much difference.  It’s a foregone conclusion.  Forget the polls.  The risk markets (the London bookies) have spoken….

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