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Month: June 2016

NJ Sales Tax ?>

NJ Sales Tax

The New Jersey Assembly voted on Tuesday (28 June) for a 23 cent per gallon gas tax increase, coupled with a one percent reduction in the state sales tax.  This deal between the Democrat-controlled Assembly and Republican Governor Chris Christie would reduce the overall tax burden on New Jersey residents.  The state has among the highest taxes in the nation. Net decrease in taxation The deal would increase motor fuel taxes on 31 June, just in time to avert a…

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NJ Gas Tax ?>

NJ Gas Tax

28 June 2016 The New Jersey Assembly voted early this morning for a 23 cent per gallon gas tax increase.  If the Senate agrees and it is added to the existing 14.5% tax, NJ will have the seventh highest gas tax in the country, but still lower than New York and Pennsylvania. Currently, New Jersey has the second lowest gas tax in the country, after Alaska.  And we don’t pump our own fuel. New Jerseyans dodged a bullet.  Lawmakers were…

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Mass Transit Accounting ?>

Mass Transit Accounting

Before you complain about the cost of a ticket on NJTransit, understand that your ticket covers only a quarter of the cost of providing you the service.  Complain if you will that the train is late or dirty or the bus driver is rude.  The fact is that someone else kicks in three bucks for every dollar you spend. Businesses account differently for spending on land and factories, things that last a while (capital spending) and on supplies, salaries, and…

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HTT sitrep June 2016 – running out of steam ?>

HTT sitrep June 2016 – running out of steam

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the crowdsourced entrant to the commercial hyperloop development market, is the leader in generating buzz.  Its chief rival recently changed its name from Hyperloop Technologies to Hyperloop One, Inc. to minimize the maddening similarly in their names. HTT, as the company is often called, continues its prodigious production of announcements and press releases.  We are tracking the company’s announcements and doing a little fact-checking .  Last month’s situation report. HTT is weaving a romantic story.  It’s a…

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Power to run the hyperloop ?>

Power to run the hyperloop

Executive Summary: Hyperloop won ‘t go at the speed of sound Even with reduced pressure in the hyperloop tube it will take a lot of power to go 1220 km.h. To maintain any fast speed will require powered sections of tube more frequent than one each 70 km. Powered sections need to carefully engineered to make the ride comfortable. Nothing ‘s free in life Speed costs money. There ‘s no getting around that. The Concorde went 2.0 Mach, but it…

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New Jersey: Experiment in Gun Control ?>

New Jersey: Experiment in Gun Control

New Jersey’s commitment to firearms safety is unrivaled anywhere in the nation;  NJ Statutes 2C:58-2.2  The Kentucky Long Rifle freed us from the oppression of King George III.  This lesson was not lost on the authors of the Bill of Rights, who put freedom of speech first and the right to beat arms second.  Since 1787, we’ve struggled to balance “well regulated” with the right to hunt, target shoot, and defend ourselves.  It’s worth it to put an economist’s hat…

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