NJ Sales Tax: What I wrote to my Senator ?>

NJ Sales Tax: What I wrote to my Senator

To Senator Tony Bucco (R-Morris)

I write in support of a sales tax reduction. This is a rare opportunity to work with Democrats to reduce the tax burden on New Jerseyans.


Over the last twenty years, increasing taxes and an oppressive regulatory climate have driven individuals and businesses from the state.  This is your chance as a Republican to put a finger in the dike.

Sure, we need to repair roads and a new tunnel to NYC.  We shouldn’t do it with journeymen bridge painters making $56.13 an hour plus benefits of $25.16. See  N.J.S.A. 34:11-56.51 and the latest Morris County Prevailing Wage determination.  Sure, the gas tax needs to go up. But don’t throw this opportunity away to lower the sales tax.  You won’t get it again.

Once the tax is lowered, you’ll need to squeeze $1.3 billion from the state budget. That won’t be easy, but that’s why we elected you.  We could start perhaps, by reducing criminal sentences.  We spend a billion a year keeping 20,000 inmates.  Put ’em to work, parole them.  Just don’t execute them.  It cost the state too much to prosecute them when we did.

The Republican Party stands for fiscal conservatism, among other things.  Do the right thing and vote for a sales tax decrease.


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