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NJ Insurance Fraud ?>

NJ Insurance Fraud

The highway billboards are loud:  “Insurance fraud costs you $1300 every year.”  You are invited to visit  When you get there, you will discover you have been redirected to the NJ state government website, office of the attorney general. It’s a great public relations campaign.  How the OAG calculated $1,300 per year in losses is not so clear.  A review of the ad series says that it’s $1300 per family.  According to the US Census, NJ has 3.2 million…

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Paying for NJ Schools ?>

Paying for NJ Schools

Who pays for New Jersey schools?  Is the lottery an important source?  The question of special sources for special spending arose again in NJ with the question of funding for NJ senior citizen programs.  Both schools and seniors depends on special revenue sources, or so the story goes.  Fans of the lottery and casinos point to these noble causes as justification for gambling and gambling taxes in New Jersey.  How much do gambling benefit the oldest and youngest of New…

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Ciattarelli runs for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Ciattarelli runs for NJ Governor 2017

Updated 28 Oct 2016 Jack Ciattarelli, NJ Assemblyman (R-16 Somerset) and Assistant Republican Whip says he will announce next month his candidacy for governor of New Jersey in 2017. Gas Tax Now that the gas tax increase is a certainty, Ciattarelli is in favor of a constitutional amendment to dedicate the funds to the Transportation Trust Fund.  That will lead to more state borrowing.  Details here.  Ciatterelli is in favor of borrow and spend. Teacher Pension System Ciattarelli describes a…

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Murphy runs for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Murphy runs for NJ Governor 2017

Phil Murphy, former Goldman Sachs executive, DNC finance chair, and ambassador to Germany, has announced his candidacy for governor of New Jersey in 2017.  Murphy says he doesn’t owe the insiders anything. Murphy’s comment about not being a political insider seems a bit disingenuous.  He was after all part of the Democratic National Committee and served in the Obama administration. Student loans and college tuition Murphy sings from Sanders’ playbook where college tuition and student loans are concerned.  He describes…

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NJ Gas Tax Update 10 August 2016 ?>

NJ Gas Tax Update 10 August 2016

The New Jersey Assembly voted in June for a 23 cent per gallon gas tax increase.  The Senate disagreed with this addition to the existing 13.5 cent tax.  That would have given NJ the seventh highest gas tax in the country, but still lower than New York and Pennsylvania. Currently, New Jersey has the second lowest gas tax in the country after Alaska.  And we don’t pump our own fuel. , Unfortunately, our Transportation Trust Fund is broke. New Jersey…

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NJSEA Non-Recourse Bonds ?>

NJSEA Non-Recourse Bonds

Would someone please explain to me in layman’s terms the structure of the financing for the American Dream Mall in the Meadowlands? The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority voted yesterday to authorize $1.15 billion in non-recourse bonds to support the construction of the American Dream Mall by developers Triple Five. The Daily Record reported several aspects of the deal that I don’t understand. Why does Wisconsin get a cut? The issuer of the tax-free bonds is the NJSEA, but…

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New Jersey – potentially the best state ?>

New Jersey – potentially the best state

New Jersey has so much potential … if we make the right choices. With the exception perhaps of a strip five miles on either side of the New Jersey Turnpike, New Jersey is one of the most beautiful states in the USA.  It is strategically located in the middle of the BosNyWash corridor (Boston-New York-Washington).  New Jersey is closer to Manhattan than the rest of the state of New York.  If you had to choose a location for a successful…

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Guadagno for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Guadagno for NJ Governor 2017

Kim Guadagno, Lieutenant Governor under Chris Christie is likely to run for the top seat in New Jersey in 2017.  Guadagno has generally followed Christie during his career at the US Attorney’s office to the state house.  In 2013 she was elected the first Lieutenant Governor in the state. Abortion Guadagno is pro-choice. Pro-choice is an easy position to take in New Jersey Education Gaudagno supports Common Core standards.  She supports teacher evaluation. By extension, she supports PARCC testing. Minimum…

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Is the PARCC test valid? ?>

Is the PARCC test valid?

The New Jersey Board of Education announced last week its intent to make passage of the PARCC test a requirement for high school graduation.  Students in the eleventh grade are given a computer-delivered test of tenth grade English and Algebra I, typically taught in the ninth grade.  Students will need to achieve a score of 4: Met Expectations or 5: Exceeded Expectations.  These score reflect the standards adopted by the federal Common Core for education New Jersey scores, like other…

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Rullo for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Rullo for NJ Governor 2017

Joseph Rudy Rullo is a declared Republican candidate for governor of the state of New Jersey in the 2017 election.  Rullo has never held public office, but he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012, losing in the primary. As a result he has no voting track record, but a search of the web allows us to construct his platform a year before the election.  Rullo has no website yet.  He has endorsed Trump for President.  Whether that helps or…

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