Rullo for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Rullo for NJ Governor 2017

Joseph Rudy Rullo is a declared Republican candidate for governor of the state of New Jersey in the 2017 election.  Rullo has never held public office, but he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012, losing in the primary.

As a result he has no voting track record, but a search of the web allows us to construct his platform a year before the election.  Rullo has no website yet.  He has endorsed Trump for President.  Whether that helps or hurts him next year is yet to be seen.


Rullo opposes a NJ gas tax increase.  He suggests lowering the cost of road building and elimination of high-paid jobs, like those of David Wildstein of the Port Authority, whose agency he claims works just as well with his position vacant.

The financial position of the state’s Transportation Trust Fund will have been addressed, at least temporarily, by November 2017.  In short it must be re-funded from somewhere.  After that, there is no question that we need to address the cost of road maintenance in NJ, where a bridge painter makes $82 an hour.


Rullo is pro Second Amendment, including advocating concealed carry in New Jersey.

This position will be a tough one in New Jersey.  The Democratic-controlled legislature has made our state one of the least gun-friendly in the country.

Legalization of Marijuana

Rullo advocates the legalization of marijuana.

Rullo take a position opposite from most of his Republican colleagues.  He suggests the marijuana revenues might fund the TTF.

Real Estate Taxes and School

Rullo advocates one School Superintendent per county, rather than multiple superintendents per school district.

Whether this decreases the amount of work school administrators must do is a good question.  The overarching message is that NJ government could probably be more cheaply run if we had county-centric government, rather than municipality-centric government.  We simply have too many mayors, police departments, and dog-catchers.

Casinos in North Jersey

Twitter posts by @joeyrullo indicate that Rullo is opposed to casinos in North Jersey.

Posts on this blog agree with Rullo

Term limits

Rullo promises to serve for one term only.

Rape and Abortion

If a man rapes a woman, says Rullo, and she subsequently has an abortion, he should be executed.  Youtube here.

There are some logical and legal inconsistencies in the argument,

Illegal Aliens

Deport them, says Rullo.

Is Rullo Serious?

If Rullo is serious about running for governor of New Jersey, he’ll need to establish a brand, starting with two things: a website and deciding what he’ll call himself,  He is known as Joseph Rudy Rullo in some venues, Joe Rullo in others and Joey Rullo on Twitter.

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