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PARCC Standardized Tests and Flying ?>

PARCC Standardized Tests and Flying

A reader posed this question about PARCC: “How well do you think flying and flight instruction would work if all was run by untrained 22 year-old and billionaire funded?” Thanks for asking.  Flying is a skill with potential risk to life.  Bad instruction in the air is potentially as life altering as bad teaching in primary and secondary school. Earning a pilot certificate – the analog of high school graduation – requires three things:  each has an analog in the…

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NJ PARCC: Every knee jerking ?>

NJ PARCC: Every knee jerking

The New Jersey State Board of Education voted to make the PARCC standardized test a requirement for high school graduation in 2021.  The response is deafening. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a consortium comprising eight states, the District of Columbia, and the Bureau of Indian Education that has developed a standard set of tests of mathematics and English for primary and secondary schools.based on the Common Core State Standards. New Jersey has had a testing…

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Casinos in Jersey ?>

Casinos in Jersey

Doubling down is a bad idea for the state Bugsy Siegel was a genius.  After the war, he saw that water and power from the Hoover Dam could be used to build a fantasy playground in the cheap Nevada desert.  The result was Las Vegas, where every gaudy dream could come true.  Thirty years later, New Jersey almost duplicated that success.  It even had a beautiful beach town ready to relive its success of the 1920s.  Atlantic City could become…

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NJ Education Priorities ?>

NJ Education Priorities

New Jersey’s debate about PARCC testing for high school graduation is missing the mark. For $18,000 a year, our kids should receive a rounded education.  That means crayon for kindergartens, debate clubs, AP classes, good labs, and theater for high schoolers.  It means special attention for special kids, including the poor one.  It also means a kick in the pants for the troublemakers.  I know; all of them applied to me. At graduation, though, there are still three fundamentals: reading,…

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Suck it up NJ. Accept a graduation test. ?>

Suck it up NJ. Accept a graduation test.

A few days ago, I got my real estate tax bill for 2016.  According to my township, seventy percent of that money goes to public education.  Seventeen percent goes to our excellent police department, a new town hall we didn’t need, and, theoretically, to maintenance of my street, which is way overdue for resurfacing.  I don’t have kids, but I am proud that New Jersey has some of the best schools in the nation – primary and secondary, but not…

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