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Month: November 2016

Wisniewski for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Wisniewski for NJ Governor 2017

John Wisniewski, NJ Assemblyman (D19 Sayreville) and Deputy Speaker announced Tuesday his candidacy for governor of New Jersey in 2017. Minimum Wage Wisniewski has made minimum wage his signature issue.  He advocates an increase of the state minimum wage from $8.38 to $15.00, according to ABC7. Gas Tax Wisniewski voted against the gas tax. Bernie Sanders Wisniewski was chairman of Bernie Sanders NJ campaign committee. Pursuit of Chris Christie Wisniewski co-chaired a committee looking into Christie’s involvement of Bridgegate.  The…

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Who’s on Two? ?>

Who’s on Two?

Details of the effects of New Jersey ballot question are here.  No mystery. I concluded to vote NO on Two.  Who shares my view?  Who supports Two?  And most telling, who is keeping silent? Proponents of NJ Question Two (the “lockbox”) You may have gotten an email, a flyer, or a robo-call asking for your support on Q2.  This public relation campaign, $1.6 million dollars’ worth, is being paid for by a group of interested business associations. Business organizations Dedication…

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NJ Ballot Question 2 – Gas tax lockbox ?>

NJ Ballot Question 2 – Gas tax lockbox

Why are we arguing over New Jersey ballot question 2?  Because we’re not all in possession of the same facts. On 1 November, the New Jersey gas tax increased.  That’s a done deal.  No matter what you are told, we are unlikely to see a rollback.  On 8 November, NJ voters will be asked to vote to change the NJ Constitution to dedicate motor fuel revenue to the Transportation Trust Fund.  That is a different question.  It will not affect…

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