Rogers for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Rogers for NJ Governor 2017

Rogers from LinkedInSteven Rogers, Committeeman in Nutley, is testing the waters for a 2017 run at the New Jersey governor’s seat.

Rogers, a veteran and retired police officer, is likely to announce as a Republican.

Term Limits

Rogers advocates a two-term limit for state and federal elected office.

Gun Rights

Rogers is a gun advocate.

Rogers would likely be condemned in Texas as a softie, but in New Jersey his is a radical position in favor of self-defense.

Drug Use

At his campaign kickoff 8 Dec, Rogers says drug use is a medical problem, not a criminal matter, but distribution he likened to terrorism.

Gas Tax

Rogers promised to seek reversal of the gas tax increase.

Is Rogers serious?

Rogers hasn’t yet disclosed his position on most issues of interest to NJ voters.  When he does, he will likely compared to fellow Republican Kim Guadagno.  Both candidates will be in a tough race against Democrat Phil Murphy, who has already cranked up his campaign and spent millions.

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