NJ Governor Candidates and PARCC ?>

NJ Governor Candidates and PARCC

As the New Jersey Governor’s race heats up, the candidates are staking out their positions on PARCC – the multi-state consortium that is sponsoring common standardized tests.

The kids hate PARCC.  They hate all standardized tests.  No surprise there.

Parents listen to children.  Many parents are opposed too.  It didn’t help that during the roll-out scores were low, frustrating kids and parents alike.

The teachers union, NJEA, dislikes PARCC testing.  As an organization, it is opposed to any initiative to measure teacher performance.  It likes the current tenure system under which it is almost impossible to fire a New Jersey teacher.  PARCC threatens to overturn that seniority system.

Phil Murphy – against PARCC

It’s not surprising that Phil Murphy, a Democrat, would seek the endorsement of the NJEA, the teachers union.  In August 2016, Murphy posted his position on PARCC on his campaign website.  He proposed to end PARCC testing and eliminate the exit test graduation requirement.  In October, the NJEA endorsed him for governor.

Murphy hedges his bets by proposing the New Jersey “Create new and innovative tests to track student progress.”  How a homegrown New Jersey test bank could be cheaper or better than a multi-state cooperative is unknown.

John Wisniewski – against PARCC

John Wisniewski, Democrat, has not taken a public stand on PARCC.  NJEA is his fourth largest contributor, so we may reasonably assume that his views are parallel.

Jack Ciattarelli – for PARCC

Jack, a Republican, voted in favor of retaining PARCC scores as part of teacher evaluation in September 2016.

Rudy Rullo – against PARCC

Rudy Rullo, Republican, has declared he is opposed to PARCC.

Jim Johnson – unknown

Johnson on his website takes no position on PARCC.

Monica Brinson – unknown

Monica Brinson, Democrat, has taken no position on PARCC.

Steve Rogers – against PARCC

Steve Rogers, Republican, is opposed to PARCC.

Rogers’ position is peculiar for a cop.  Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have exactly the same firearms qualification test – the FBI standard.  Why there should be common standards in every police department but not every school?

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