Federal A2500A Skis, no rigging ?>

Federal A2500A Skis, no rigging

Pair Federal A2500A Aircraft skis.  SN 387.  Manufactured Jan 1948.  No rigging.
They are on the TC for Stinson,  No approval needed. I don’t know about other aircraft.

Federal Aircraft Works
The Federal Ski
ATC 82 Prod No 40
Ident A2500A
Approved static weight per ski 1250 lb
Date of Manufacture 1 48
Serial No 487 (both)
You can pick them up in New Jersey, or I’ll happily pack them in the manner you request. Bubble wrap and cardboard is an option, or I can crate them. You pay materials and actual cost of shipping.
robert.hadow@nccuthbert.com 30 July 2017Ski1tag1024 Ski2tag1024 SkisBottom1024 SkisTop1024

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