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Fair Voting and Gerrymandering ?>

Fair Voting and Gerrymandering

“My vote doesn’t count.”  “The system is rigged.”  The complaints are manifold.  Suggestions are scarce. Winner take all, or first-across the line voting schemes are often blamed.  A plurality voting protocol leads inevitably to a two-party system, the process being described by Duverger’s Law. More fundamental though, is the geographic basis of almost every existing political structure.  In the United States, we vote in wards, consolidate the totals in precincts, and consolidate them again in districts.  For President, the districts…

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Brick and mortar stores use internet to shoot themselves in the foot ?>

Brick and mortar stores use internet to shoot themselves in the foot

Brick and mortar retail in the United States is in big trouble. Bankruptcy attorneys wait in anticipation. Retailers aren’t doing themselves any favors when they implement a hasty internet strategy. Here is a story of just such a blunder. It’s hard to tell whether the blunder is the result of deliberate strategy, feuding between divisions of the company, or plain stupidity. The results in any case will be failure of the store network. This specialty retailer deals in product one normally…

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Keeping Time on Broadway ?>

Keeping Time on Broadway

It’s easy to keep time on Broadway.  Pay attention to the revivals.  Hello Dolly! is coming back … again. Hello Dolly! made its Broadway debut in 1964 and ran for 2,844 performances. Five years later, Pearl Bailey lead an all-black cast for 147 performances. Carol Channing returned in 1978 for 147 more performances. Carol Channing returned again in 1995 for 116 more. It was great.  I promise. Barbra Streisand. who’d gone up against Channing in the Tony competition for her…

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Hello World! ?>

Hello World!

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts. Much of public policy depends on science and matters of law.  Both change with time, but for now, good decisions are based on what today’s science and law is, not what we’d like it to be. This blog is a place to discuss matters of science in public policy.