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Tempest in the Arctic Ocean ?>

Tempest in the Arctic Ocean

Tempers are flaring over the Arctic Ocean.  The heat may melt the sea ice faster than climate change.  The fate of polar bears is not the greatest problem facing humankind, but it’s a great case study of the conflict between politics and science. Since the sixteenth century, explorers have searched for a northwest passage over the Americas and a northeast passage over Asia.  Unsuccessful, these searches led to two great engineering achievements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Suez…

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There is an alternative to gerrymandering ?>

There is an alternative to gerrymandering

After every decennial census, there is an opportunity for the state party in power to redraw the boundaries of its voting districts to strengthen its position for the next ten years.  There are myriad strategies: contain your opponents so they always win one seat, never more.  Dilute your opposition so they never win a seat.  The result is tortuous boundaries that defy any other explanation. These strategies include strange combinations of urban, suburban, and rural districts whose commonality is invisible…

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