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Penn Station Debacle ?>

Penn Station Debacle

Penn Station is the busiest passenger transportation facility in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a disaster. It is a low-ceilinged underground facility with inferior facilities for both passengers and the trains from three lines that use the terminal. Perverse incentive Amtrak, the owner of the station, has a perverse incentive: make life worse for the commuter and be rewarded with more money and more power. Our politicians are unwittingly supporting a continuation of this unhappy situation. Amtrak says it is capable…

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Gateway and California High Speed Rail ?>

Gateway and California High Speed Rail

New Jersey Transit and Amtrak riders dream of the day the century-old Portal Bridge in Kearny, NJ is replaced.  This old swing bridge opens a few times a week, mostly to make way for barges loaded with sewage sludge to move down the Hackensack River.  The old bridge breaks down and thousands of riders wait while the bridge is fixed.  It’s an example of the Northeast’s crumbling infrastructure and our need to invest. Portal Bridge is on a section of…

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