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Murphy on Guns ?>

Murphy on Guns

Phil Murphy, Democratic contender for NJ governor, has taken a strong position against guns. There’s nothing surprising in that; it’s consistent with the rest of his poll-driven campaign.  His folks polled likely NJ voters, who said they want tight gun control.   Those answers went straight into his platform. New Jersey has a long history of gun control, typically adopting measures before the feds.   It’s part of the NJ Democratic mantra.  Whether gun control is a good campaign issue…

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Pensions for NJ Teachers ?>

Pensions for NJ Teachers

Pensions are a great. I wish I had one. They used to be standard in the U.S. Most every good job had one. Many defined-benefit pension plans offered healthcare benefits, too. What industry saw and government refused to see was that retirement ages haven’t changed much, but life expectancy has. A teacher in New Jersey who works 35 years can expect another 24 years of pension and healthcare. It’s a great deal, one that the NJEA fights hard to maintain….

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Rogers for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Rogers for NJ Governor 2017

Steven Rogers, Committeeman in Nutley, is testing the waters for a 2017 run at the New Jersey governor’s seat. Rogers, a veteran and retired police officer, is likely to announce as a Republican. Term Limits Rogers advocates a two-term limit for state and federal elected office. Gun Rights Rogers is a gun advocate. Rogers would likely be condemned in Texas as a softie, but in New Jersey his is a radical position in favor of self-defense. Drug Use At…

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Guadagno for NJ Governor 2017 ?>

Guadagno for NJ Governor 2017

Kim Guadagno, Lieutenant Governor under Chris Christie is likely to run for the top seat in New Jersey in 2017.  Guadagno has generally followed Christie during his career at the US Attorney’s office to the state house.  In 2013 she was elected the first Lieutenant Governor in the state. Abortion Guadagno is pro-choice. Pro-choice is an easy position to take in New Jersey Education Gaudagno supports Common Core standards.  She supports teacher evaluation. By extension, she supports PARCC testing. Minimum…

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