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NJ Sales Tax: What I wrote to my Senator ?>

NJ Sales Tax: What I wrote to my Senator

To Senator Tony Bucco (R-Morris) I write in support of a sales tax reduction. This is a rare opportunity to work with Democrats to reduce the tax burden on New Jerseyans. ### Over the last twenty years, increasing taxes and an oppressive regulatory climate have driven individuals and businesses from the state.  This is your chance as a Republican to put a finger in the dike. Sure, we need to repair roads and a new tunnel to NYC.  We shouldn’t…

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NJ Sales Tax ?>

NJ Sales Tax

The New Jersey Assembly voted on Tuesday (28 June) for a 23 cent per gallon gas tax increase, coupled with a one percent reduction in the state sales tax.  This deal between the Democrat-controlled Assembly and Republican Governor Chris Christie would reduce the overall tax burden on New Jersey residents.  The state has among the highest taxes in the nation. Net decrease in taxation The deal would increase motor fuel taxes on 31 June, just in time to avert a…

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